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The Now Point helps individuals and organizations cultivate mindful awareness; improve business culture and practices by developing compassionate leadership; and access resilience, creativity, and a sense of well-being through the use of mind-body skills. We believe these skills are accessible to everyone to support happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

We offer training workshops, classes and customized programming for both individuals and organizations. 

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What We Offer

Group Mindful-Awareness Training


This is an experiential class teaching tools (meditation, mind-body practices, and lots of daily exercises) and the science behind these practices is that make them work.

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Cultivating Skills for
Everyday Leadership


This is an experiential program teaching mindfulness skills and the tools that promote the everyday leader within each of us.

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Evidence-Based Qigong
& Taichi Classes


Learn and practice the static & moving postures that provide a variety of complex holistic benefits (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual).

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Yin Yoga


Available in 6 or 8 week format
(generally 1 hour classes).

New Classes will be announced soon.

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Individual Coaching


For individuals, groups or families; always available upon request.

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"Being in Paula’s Mindfulness class was like getting a vacation every week. Within minutes of starting class the crazy world outside vanished along with my anxiety. One hour later all that remained was a centered, peaceful state of mind. If you have an hour a week to spare I can’t think of any better way to spend it, the return on that investment is priceless."

Catherine P. Westwood, MA

My experience having Paula Webster as a teacher, guide and mentor in developing my Qi Gong practice has been phenomenal. Woven into each class are the evidence based benefits of the practice that were researched by her teacher, Master Yang Yang. These benefits include, and have helped me significantly improve my;  joint lubrication, balance, memory, core and general body strength, agility, and sleep. Paula creates a peaceful and inclusive learning environment encouraging questions and feedback from her students. Paula has taught still teaching me to, “notice... be present... and you will find yourself incorporating these postures and movements into your everyday lives."

Leca B. Needham, MA



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