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Enroll in our 6-week Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training Series $99.00

 (via ZOOM) 6  week program, 1 hour per week. Upon completion of this series you have mindfulness tools (meditation, mind-body practices, and lots of daily exercises) supported by science behind these practices is that make them work.

* Mindfulness Workshops: (vis ZOOM) as above, offered in 1-day or half-day format.


* Cultivating Skills for Everyday Leadership: 6 to  8 week  program This  experiential program teaches mindfulness skills to develop self-awareness, awareness of others, empathy, which is separate from but a precursor to compassion, and outlook, all in the service of promoting positive daily leadership behavior.



* Evidence Based Qigong & Taichi classes: Weekly 1 hour classes- These movements improve lower body strength,  regulate force control (a neurological function), improve functional balance, improve vestibular function, improve immune function, and provide a variety of complex holistic benefits (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) AND it is fun!

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