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Have you noticed that anxiety is always in the news lately? Not just in adults, but in our KIDS-in EVERYONE! Have you noticed that you are not surprised? We are a data-driven, multi-taking, competitive, technology-overloaded society. And that’s just the good stuff.  It is no wonder we hear more about practices to help us slow down and be in the present moment, which is exactly what mindfulness practice does.


Not only is mindfulness reported to be effective by those who practice, neuroscience research has been studying  practice outcomes and has found lots of data to explain why it works.


Overall, Mindfulness improves physical health, improves mental health and  increases our sense of well-being, This leads to decreased stress, increased focus and creativity, and improved relationships.


How does it work? In the moment,  mindfulness practice creates a sense of calm by engaging the “rest and relax” response (the parasympathetic nervous system).  This sense of calm helps us accept our experiences, the good, the bad, and the indifferent, just as they are, allowing for a more appropriate response to whatever is happening.


How can this help in your day to day life?


Here’s an article I co-authored  which may help….

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